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Thursday, July 16, 2015

I saw the dumbest thing ever a couple days ago.

I was visiting my wife in the hospital and the tv was tuned to a show hosted by one of the brain-dead women of the show The View. 
She had a guess, who I had no clue who he was, and she made him play a game. She put objects on a table and he had to feel them to guess a name of a musical band.
He stood in front of the table blindfolded. as the host removed a box covering the objects a half naked man holding roses popped up and she grabbed the guess's hands and placed them on the half named man guiding his hands to the arms of the half naked man. Then she lifted his hand to make sure he felt the roses the half naked man was holding. Of course the guest had no clue what band a half naked man holding roses represented.
The answer was "Guns & Roses".
These brain-head morons are so brainwashed against guns that they would pull a stunt like this instead of putting a toy gun and roses on the table.

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