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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Patients Use Natural Remedies –

Why Patients Use Natural Remedies –
Doctors look down their noses at patients who frequently take or inquire about dietary supplements.  The standard answer is that these natural remedies are unproven, while doctors prescribe FDA-sanctioned drugs that have undergone double-blind placebo-controlled human studies – considered the gold standard for safety and effectiveness.
What arrogance.  It has been revealed that pharmaceutical companies have beenhiding results of negative studies from review and the Food & Drug Administration has been complicit in this.
Furthermore, the biological action of most prescription drugs can be duplicated with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal products at far less cost and side effects.
But cost and effectiveness aside, the primary reason why so many people search for alternatives to prescription drugs is that while there is treatment for disease, often there are no cures.
According to a study published in the British Medical Journalalmost four in ten adults and one in nine children use some form of alternative medicine.  These are not the uneducated nor fanatics.  Women with higher education levels and incomes are more likely to use alternative therapies.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Stop being afraid of the government's boogieman, the government is the boogieman

The Ghosts Of War - YouTube

The Ghosts Of War - YouTube


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Real Heroes
A real hero is a mother who raises children to be kind and honest and eager to learn.
A real hero is a parent who sacrifices time to provide for his or her family.
A real hero is a doctor who heals the sick and mends the injured.
A real hero is a farmer who tends the soil to provide us sustenance.
A real hero shares uncomfortable truths about our world at great personal risk.
A real hero is a firefighter who chooses to face imminent danger in order to directly save lives.
A real hero is a carpenter or architect or engineer who builds us the structures that make our lives safer and our world smaller.
A real hero is a scientist who spends his life in search of cures and remedies.
A real hero is a person who voluntarily feeds and clothes the needy, and gives them hope in times of hopelessness.
A real hero is a teacher who explains to us the details of how our world works.
A real hero is an inventor or entrepreneur who dreams of new ways to make our lives better and gives us the inspiration to do more.
A real hero is a writer or performer who lifts our sadness and offers us joy.
A real hero is a fisherman who braves the elements to keep us fed.
A real hero is a businessman who provides what a community demands better or for less than they could find elsewhere.
A real hero is a person who saves his wealth, deferring his own consumption so that others may have a chance to improve their station.
A real hero is a friend who listens to our worries and provides comfort during our trying times.
A real hero is any person who sees others living their lives peacefully, and lets them be.
We encounter many heroes in our day-to-day lives. 
Real heroes are peaceful. Their heroics aren’t predicated on inflicting harm. Real heroes are not responsible for the deaths of untold innocents, including children. Real heroes do not perpetuate injustice throughout the world. Their primary value is not unflinching obedience. They don’t face imprisonment for not obeying commands from superiors; they do what they do because they choose to do so. They participate in mutually beneficial behavior. Their remuneration isn’t forcefully extracted from others, nor do they have guaranteed benefits for life. Real heroes don’t expect - nay,demand - public adulation for themselves or their symbolism. And they don’t represent the armed extension of tyranny cloaked in the facade of honor, justice, freedom, and selflessness.
There are many heroes you should thank today, just not the ones you’re told to. 

a widows journey to life: Day 310 Suicides of our soldiers, the pawns of greed.

a widows journey to life: Day 310 Suicides of our soldiers, the pawns of greed.