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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gerald Celente Speaks Out on US Coup in UKRAINE

The IRS got SERVED!!!

"People talk about this is a scandal as if this is a bug in the system but the reality is this isn't a bug this is a feature we have a system with the tax code that has almost 80,000 pages in the tax code it's extraordinary no human being no man or woman can possibly know or understand that tax code the tax code in the IRS are specifically designed to be punitive to some and to grant special favors to others." -- Mark Meckler

The Ultimate "Only in Russia" Compilation

Hey Obama, you better not fuck with Russia. these people are insane LOL

These States Have More Registered Voters Than Eligible Adults…What One Group Wants to Do About It

These States Have More Registered Voters Than Eligible Adults…What One Group Wants to Do About It

These States Have More Registered Voters Than Eligible Adults

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Christopher Walken Dance Now - Illegal Stop By Glendale Police - Illegal Stop By Glendale Police

On march 9th i was illegally searched and detained by the Glendale 
Police department they're notorious for this. Please watch and notice 
how this cop soon realizes he is in the wrong. Sorry for the bad filming
i was detained and told to lock my wrist together so my phone was 
sitting in my lap. 

Im amazed at how many view this has gotten in just one night thank you all.

To give a little background i work security at a local museum in los angeles and get home late around 8-9, i usually rest a little bit then go out for a bike ride to get some exercise.I like going out a little later because there is less cars on the road, and its a little more serene for me. I was on my final stretch 2 blocks away from my house when the officer driving in the opposite direction shined a very intense spotlight at my face and temporarily blinded me for about 7-10 seconds. i raised my hand to shield the light befor i crashed (an inexperienced rider probably would have) as he drove passed me i turned around to look to see what his deal was, and saw him making a you turn ( i had both front and rear bike lights per city law). He pulled up next to me and asked me how old i was, not happy about him blinding me i told him "i don't talk to cops". I proceeded to keep riding my bike up the street where he was gradually wedging me against the cars where it got to a point i had to power it in-front of him before he could cut me off completely. i guess that pissed him off and he immediately flashed his lights and siren where i pulled over and got off my bike. He directed me to the curb and told me to put my bike down and interlock my ankles and wrist. I did as he directed. He then asked me my age again where in turn i gave the response "i don't answer questions i don't consent to any searches". He then started putting his gloves on and that's where i grabbed my phone quickly because i knew this was going to get ugly.The video can continue the story from here.