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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We are all Winston - 1984

If you are watching CNN please be safe and put on a condom 😎

Damn Russians!

Why People Are TOTALLY Wrong on Trump Russia Hysteria

The Evidence for Trump Wiretap

Americans Are Ditching Their TVs in Record Numbers. Here's What They're ...

Retired NSA Official: Every Phone Call You Make Is Recorded And Stored |...

"Every call you make, every word you speak, every breath you take, every curse you crack, we'll be listening to you. O'can't you see you're a slave for me!"
With my apologies to Sting 😘😀😎

Monday, March 6, 2017

Obama tapped The whole world but not Trump ....Really?

They look like Buds of Weed

Worse Than Watergate: Obama Ordered Wiretaps of Trump's Campaign

From The New York Times, that GIANT Trump defender! LOL

My Body, My Choice

6 Secret Cities That Prove We Don't Know What's Really Going On

James Comey: I'm Innocent!

WOW James Comey says nothing happened
Well, what would you say if someone accused you of a crime?
James Comey is part of the criminal gang, did you expect him to confess? LOL

There Is No Gender Wage Gap