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Monday, February 24, 2014

The War On Drugs Needs To End

The War on Drugs needs to end.

What is worse a few drug addicts or the out of control cops killing and maiming innocent people all over the country? 

From the research I have done I have found that there is a steady number of people who will be addicts no matter what the penalty is for doing drugs, that number is around 3% of the population.

Using the War on Drugs cops are raiding houses at a clip of 40,000 SWAT raids a year. When I saw this number I was floored. They are also robbing people at gun point. Anyone carrying any amount of cash if pulled over by cops will have that money stolen from them under the Asset Forfeiture Law. Cops assume that because you're carrying cash you MUST be a drug dealer.

Families are being ripped apart by the State because someone in the family was caught with drugs. The drug addict is put in a cage and since he can no longer work the wife and the kids become wards of the state. Some times the kids are handed over to CPS and the kids end up dead, just because the parents smoked a joint.
Also the War on Drugs has become a huge financial drain on us. In 2014 the budget for the War on Drugs is 20 BILLION dollars! How many drug addicts could be helped with 20 billion dollars? My guess is all of them and you can throw in every alcoholic as well and still have plenty left over.

There is no doubt in my mind that the War on Drugs is much much worse than legal drugs, all drugs. we should try compassion instead of cages. Drug addicts are afraid of coming forward for help because they know they will be arrested. How about we give them help instead. Isn't that better than ruining a whole family's life?
I think so.

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