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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

City moves Toronto man’s car to no parking zone, then tows and tickets him almost $1,000 | Metro

City moves Toronto man’s car to no parking zone, then tows and tickets him almost $1,000 | Metro

When Adam Halim returned from his honeymoon, his car was gone. It took him hours of phone conversations and lots of sleuthing to figure out what happened and why he had to pay the city nearly $1,000.
The answer, to his surprise, had to do with overgrown trees and three parking violations he had nothing to do with.
On April 26, Halim came home to discover his company car wasn’t parked where he left it outside his house on Dovercourt Road.
He called the police’s parking enforcement unit, which told him his car was impounded and in a lot.
It didn’t add up. He had a valid street-parking permit and could swear he left his Chevrolet Impala near home. Then another surprise at the impound lot — a bill for $734.50 and three $40 parking tickets.
He paid the bill and drove home. But he needed to figure out what happened.
All three parking tickets showed he parked in a no-parking zone in front of 55 Lisgar St. But how did it end up there?
He called parking enforcement again and pleaded with an officer to look deeper.
It turns out the city was cutting trees and needed to move Halim’s car, according to an email to Halim from parking enforcement. Parking enforcement explained that it had moved the vehicle one street over, but dropped it in a no-parking zone.
Then three tickets stuffed under the wipers over five days were followed by a trip to the impound lot.
On May 10, Halim received a final email, a mea culpa, from parking enforcement, promising reimbursement for the towing and storage cost and cancellation of the tickets.

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