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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Radar is coming to Belmont -

Radar is coming to Belmont -

BELMONT, Miss. (WTVA) -- Donald Ray Thomas is more than ready to put the brakes on drivers. His radar equipment arrives soon and he intends to use it.

"We've got some 18 wheelers that run through this city constantly and the ones that are not out here at 3,4 and 5 in the morning-these log trucks are running through the city limits in excess of 60-70 miles per hour. It's really dangerous," Investigator Thomas said.

The majority of voters in the city gave a thumbs down during a non-binding referendum in 2013.
"I know some people are not for it, but I think all-in-all it will be great for our town," Alderwoman Sonya Harris said.

"They can be used for a lot of good things, but I just don't like them," truck driver Kenny Kent said.

"They didn't want radar, but when they see the life that it could have saved, then I hope that will open their eyes and say it was a good tool that we got," Thomas added.

"Well, it might be good for some of the speeders that comes around-slow them down," Betty Lindsey said.

The plan calls for the installation of radar probably within the next couple of weeks.

There are some business owners in Belmont that worry radar will have a negative impact on local business.

In the meantime, officials will closely examine the speed limits in problem areas-especially near the school.

STU:  I thought voting made a difference??? The people voted NO but the slave masters said, FUCK YOU!

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